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My research interests include empirical industrial organization, health economics, and applied microeconomics.


American Economic Review, 106(8), August 2016, pp. 2009-45, (with Liana Jacobi)


Disparities in Bulimia Nervosa: Who is Left Behind? (PDF, 458 KB)

Review of Economics of the Household, 14(2): 463-488, May 2016 (with S. Stern)


Caught in the Bulimic Trap? Persistence and State Dependence of Bulimia Among Young Women (PDF, 526 KB)

Journal of Human Resources, 48(3), June 2013, pp. 736-767, (with John C. Ham and Daniela Iorio)


Formal Home Health Care, Informal Care, and Family Decision Making (PDF, 328 KB)

International Economic Review, 50(4), November 2009, pp.1205-1242, (with David Byrne,Bridget Hiedemann, and Steven Stern)


Limited Information and Advertising in the US Personal Computer Industry (PDF, 379 KB)

Journal of Economic Education 39(4), Fall 2008, pp. 357-373, (with Jeroen Hinloopen)



Working Papers/Revisions:Empirical IO

"The Dynamics of Technology Adoption and Vertical Restraints: An Empirical Analysis"

(with A. Eizenberg and A. Pechy)


"Advertising and National Dissatisfaction"

(with C. Michel, E. Pronto, and A. Oswald)


Do Research Joint Ventures Serve a Collusive Function? (PDF, 317 KB)

(with Eric Helland)

Awarded Best Paper in Antitrust Economics by the Industrial Organization Society at the 2010 International IO Conference


Assessing an Efficiency Defense: The Case of Intel's Marketing Campaign (PDF, 310 KB)

(with Hwa Ryung Lee and Andras Pechy)(previously circulated as Is Intel’s Marketing Campaign Predatory?)


Effects of Advertising and Product Placement on Television Audiences (PDF, 470 KB)

under review, (with Geert Ridder and Kenneth C. Wilbur)



Working Papers/Revisions: Applied Micro/Health

Revise and Resubmit at Social Science and Medicine under review (with Daniela Iorio)


Personality Traits and Bulimia Nervosa (PDF, 162 KB)

(with D. Iorio and J. Ham)